Welcoming TheLOP to The Blogging World

Some of you may know our good friend Erin. Erin recently got laid-off, and has taken the opportunity to go traveling around Europe. She is also going to be blogging about her travels.

Those of you who know know she gets up to all kinds of hi jinks and she is funny and a good writer, so go follow her exploits at TheLOP.net

2 Responses to “Welcoming TheLOP to The Blogging World”

The LOP Says:

thanks d-man!!!! i heart Motosluts and am sad I’m not there this weekend. Will try to catch the race on Sunday and wave to you…yeeeaaahhhhhhh

The LOP Says:

I tried to respond another time, but I don’t think it went through…anyway, thanks for the kudos and the publicity…i love it. by the by, you guys need to send me your web addresses so I can reciprocate…yeeeaaahhhhh


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