Love Monkey is Gone

February 14th, 2006

I can’t believe CBS cancelled Love Monkey. There were only three episodes, but I was really starting to like the show. KCRW‘s Nick Harcourt was the music consultant on the show, so the music was half decent. And tonight’s episode was supposed to have an appearance by She Wants Revenge. Networks really don’t seem to give shows a chance these days.

E! Online Story about the cancellation.


Bad Limes For Valentine’s Day

February 14th, 2006

Somebody found some great Valentine’s Day cards found in Indonesia.

How does:

you.ll leare bad limes
behind nothing bul good limes on uoui mind

end up on a greeting card?

See for the full set.


Shoes with Souls

February 6th, 2006

Update: It looks like Shoes With Souls is out of business but their website is still up and running and taking orders! See the GoVegan forum.

I just found a great cruelty-free eco-friendly online shoe store: Shoes with Souls.

I like:

  • ecosneak (Since Converse is now owned by Nike, a company not know for being a good corporate citizen, these might be a good alternative)
  • the Napali (For hiking up Runyon Canyon)
  • the Liberator (just because they look cool).

I like their slogan “No animal had to die to make you look this good”.


Yahoo is intelligent design; Google is blind evolution.

February 6th, 2006

I thought this was a great quote by Esther Dyson:

“Google is blind evolution. They have this … users-in-charge, bubble-up philosophy. Their employees can come up with ideas. There’s this kind of Darwinian internal selection process. … They have a very clear vision; they’re not quite north to the North Pole. They’re going west, they’re going forward but they’re blind evolution; they don’t really see where they’re going. Neither do we … Yahoo, on the other hand, is intelligent design. They have the vision of what they’re trying to build … . Two very, very different models. The other thing that’s really different is Google sees communication as a medium for the distribution of information. … whereas Yahoo, they see information as a medium of communication among people. They get people. They get communities and individuals in a way that Google really doesn’t. Google is blindingly clever. … You have very, very different models of the world. I like them both, and think they will both persist.”

This is a little more eloquent than my “throw it against the wall and see what sticks” description of Google’s strategy.


Roland Shanks

February 3rd, 2006

Roland Shanks is a new band I heard this morning on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic. They played a new single by them that is going to be released on February 13th,Cutting Teeth. I really like their sound, reminded me of The Jam a little. They are a from London, and haven’t released an album yet. I’m looking forward to the day they do.

You can hear some of their songs, including Cutting Teeth at the Roland Shanks MySpace page.

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