Shoes with Souls

Update: It looks like Shoes With Souls is out of business but their website is still up and running and taking orders! See the GoVegan forum.

I just found a great cruelty-free eco-friendly online shoe store: Shoes with Souls.

I like:

  • ecosneak (Since Converse is now owned by Nike, a company not know for being a good corporate citizen, these might be a good alternative)
  • the Napali (For hiking up Runyon Canyon)
  • the Liberator (just because they look cool).

I like their slogan “No animal had to die to make you look this good”.

7 Responses to “Shoes with Souls”

jan Says:

see they have a showroom in SD … include that with a visit to the casino and you have a good day trip …

Administrator Says:

Why would I drive two hours to SD to go to some lame casino when Vegas is just a 45 minute flight away :)

krissy Says:

looks like a good site! do you know about also good vegan shoes (but pricey too).

Administrator Says: looks good too. They have a bigger selection, but you’re right they do seem a little pricey.

Disgruntled Says:

Don’t order anything from Shoes with Souls! I tried to order some shoes from them and never received anything. Worse, their phone number is disconnected and they do not reply to my e-mails. And I’m not the only one; see for a lot of other horror stories like mine. is great, though.

Administrator Says:

Thanks for letting me know, Disgruntled. I did end up ordering a pair of Napali’s from Shoes With Souls and had no problems at all.

But, it appears that they are now out of business, but their web site is still up and taking orders. That’s bad! Good thing you left a comment before I tried to order another pair.


Larame Says:

Yes- do not contact Shoes With Souls! I ordered shoes back in December from them and never got them. I contacted them sooo many times with no luck! The Better Business Bureau (I eventually contacted them) couldn’t even get in touch with them either!! Case closed and my loss.


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