All My Vegas Trips

This is a post to keep track of all the visits I have made to Vegas. Basically it is a list of the hotels I have stayed at. (#) indicates multiple stays. Dates indicated when I remember them. I will update it whenever I make a new trip.

Aria (January 2010)
Bally’s (2)
Barbary Coast (3)
Bellagio (June 2009)
Excalibur (?,Nov 2001, Sept 2006, Nov 2008)
Flamingo (2)
Imperial Palace
Luxor (?, Nov 2007, Aug 2009, Sept 2009)
Mandalay Bay (Aug 2007, March 2009)
MGM Grand (Nov 2006, Sept 2007, Feb 2008, Aug 2008[Signature for 1 night])
Monte Carlo(?,April 2006, Dec 2007, Jan 2009, May 2009)
New York New York
THEhotel (Dec 2006)
Treasure Island (September 2005)
Venetian (June 2008)
Wynn (October 2005, November 2009)

There are also two non-hotel trips I have taken. One way stayed at a friends (a huge mansion actually) and another was a 24-hour trip with no sleep.

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