Anti-Telemarketer Counter Script

This is great. Someone has come up with an anti-telemarketing counter script. This provides a great script to follow the next time some annoying telemarketer calls. It might not stop the calls, but you might feel like you got some revenge.

Found via Boing Boing.

3 Responses to “Anti-Telemarketer Counter Script”

krissy Says:

ha ha! i love that! i wish i had that at 6:30pm tonight. i ended up answering some marketing research survey about banks that took at least 25 minutes! :(

telemarketer biggs Says:

americans are a bunch of crap. seriously, anti-telemarketer script? i bet you, i can still sell drugs to y’all. its really fun if i make money out of you stupid fools!!!

Thethings Idoformoney Says:

Telemarketer Biggs…i believe you…i dont know why people think these things work or are clever? I thank them for entertaining me while i get paid….we’re just going to call them back anyway…funny thing is a lot of the folks who talk a big game are the easiest to SELL!


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