Arclight Cinemas

Arclight Cinemas is the best movie theatre I have ever been to. Their tag line is “Where Movie Lovers Belong” and it’s true. I love it because:

  • They have reserved seating. You can buy you ticket online ahead of time or at the theatre and they will have a seat number on it. No more going to a show early to make sure you can get a good seat together.
  • No commercials. I already paid to see the movie, and they don’t sell my soul to advertisers to make a few extra bucks. They don’t even have the silly THX and Dolby ads.
  • Stadium seating. This is a must for Michele, she’s only 5′ 1″. There is also lots of legroom, and padded, retractable arm rests. Unfortunately seating in “The Dome” is not really stadium seating, so we avoid it.
  • Black-box theatres. The only lights on during the show are the exit lights. The quality of the picture are sound are always great.
  • Ushers in the theatre. They announce every show and hang around to make sure the movie starts properly. I’ve been in other theatres where the movie doesn’t start, or there is something wrong with the projector, and you have to go out to the hall to try and find an employee who cares enough to do something about it.
  • The audience is there to see movies. No one answers cell phones and starts talking, no one has conversions during the movie.

As a bonus the theatre is within walking distance of our place. The only time we go anywhere else these days is if a movie we want to see is not playing at Arclight.

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Drum n Bass band Says:

reserved seating kicks ass!


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