Getting Traffic to your Blog

There has been a lot written recently about getting traffic to your blog. Recent posters on this subject include Biz Stone, Robert Scoble and Shelley Powers.

What I’m surprised none of them mentioned is the number one rule of getting traffic to any site: Content. Even if you manage to get people to click on your site or blog, they won’t return if the content is lousy. If the content is good people will start finding your blog and passing on links to it in their own blog. All of the recent blog entries point out why it is easier to get links to your blog than to a traditional site. This is because the blog world is so interconnected. People love passing on good links in their blogs. On a traditional site people have to beg for links. But even though blogs make it easier to get links, you still need good content to get good quality links and repeat visitors.

Content is still king on the Web, whether it is a traditional site or a blog.

2 Responses to “Getting Traffic to your Blog”

dark fantasy art Says:

Yeah, without good content, you will never get return visitors (whom are the most treasured, IMO)

Lewis Moten Says:

Content is hard to come by these days. There are so many things that go into this once you do have content. My main problem it seems is that every visitor has attention deficit disorder, so I try to keep my posts short and to the point.


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