Incrementalists & Completionists

Rands has an interesting (but over a month old) blog entry about Incrementalists & Completionists. The basic idea is that there are two types of people, the Incrementalists like to get things done quickly, but not always in the best way. The Completionsists like to do the the right way and like to do things the right way, but its not always quick.

I like the basic idea but, like usual trying to divide the world into two doesn’t really work. Most people are somewhere in the middle and switch back and forth depending on the circumstances. Whats important is when you are operating an an Incrementalist way that you keep in mind the Completionist picture. Make sure that the incremental changes you are doing are leading to some complete solution. When you are thinking as a Completionist make sure you can implement the solution in an incremental way.

Seek the Middle Way.

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